Follow these 4 tips to reduce vaginal looseness

If you also feel looseness in the vagina after pregnancy, then try these tips given by the experts.


vaginal Yoga is a holistic health practice which is very useful for body, mind and soul. Yoga recommends regular practice of Surya Namaskar and specific yoga asanas. To help with the vaginal tightening process, it is also recommended to practice running. Running regularly can help tighten the pelvic muscles. Follow these simple asanas and add them to your exercise routine at least 3 times a week.

Today we are telling you about some such yogasanas, by doing which you can tighten your vagina. Yoga Master, Spiritual Guru and Lifestyle Coach, Grand Master Akshar ji is telling us about these asanas. Let us know about it in detail through this article.

Surya Namaskar

With a total count of 24, which includes the left and right sides, Surya Namaskar is the world’s most popular and effective method. It uses the whole body whether it is backwards or forward bends, core strengthening etc. We can employ the Surya Namaskar technique and practice it to reach our objectives of fitness and great health to begin our endeavor with yoga.


Ideal time to practice Surya Namaskar:

6 am, 12 noon or 6 pm


  • It works as a holistic body workout to maintain health with an added spiritual touch.
  • Balances and stimulates all the organs of the body including endocrine and respiratory etc
  • Produces good energy in all parts of the body.
  • The immune system is strengthened.
  • Helps to build strength in the body.

yoga asanas

1. malasana

  • Start by standing up straight.
  • Bend the knees, lower the pelvis and place it over the heels
  • Make sure the feet remain flat on the floor
  • The palms can be placed on the floor near the feet or can be folded in front of the chest in prayer
  • posture


  • The spine remains straight.
  • Opens up the hips and waist.
  • Stretches the ankles, lower hamstrings, back and neck.
  • Tones the abdominals
  • Aids in digestion.
  • Strengthens metabolism.
  • Keeps the pelvic and hip joints healthy
  • Ideal for prenatal yoga


  • Kneel down and rest the pelvis on the heels.
  • Keep the ankles slightly apart.
  • Place the palms on the knees.
  • Straighten your back and look forward.


  • Aids in digestion.
  • Relieves or prevents constipation.
  • Makes the pelvic muscles strong.
  • Keeps the mind calm.
  • Cures digestive acidity and gas.
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  • Sit with your legs extended forward.
  • Exhale, lean forward and try to keep the upper body on the lower body.
  • holding the toes


  • Stimulates liver, kidney, ovary and uterus.
  • Reduces the deposition of fat in the abdomen.
  • Stretches the spine and brings flexibility.
  • Good for constipation and digestive disorders.

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  • Begin by lying on your stomach.
  • Bend the knees and hold the ankles with the palms.
  • Raise the legs and arms as high as possible.
  • Look up and stay in this posture for a while.


  • This yoga also stimulates the liver, kidney, ovaries and uterus.
  • Reduces the deposition of fat in the abdomen.
  • Stretches the spine and brings flexibility.

A strong pelvis can provide good balance, it can benefit a healthy bladder and can even improve breathing. With the practice of yoga, we can strengthen and improve the health of the pelvic muscles and tighten the vagina. Practice these asanas regularly for pelvic health, and to reap many other benefits as well.

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